Do you wish to become a law enforcement officer and protect your homeland? Then you may want to become a border patrol agent. A border patrol agent is a law-enforcing officer in the United States who safeguards the borders and coastal waters. They maintain safety and security in the borders and make sure that no illegal materials cross the border. They also make sure that no individual enters the borders of the country illegally.

Before becoming a border patrol agent, you need to learn about their roles and responsibilities. You can look into this guide to understand their roles and responsibilities to make the right decisions.

Prevent Illegal entry of people

When the job position was opened in 1924, the primary goal was to prevent people from entering the country illegally. Controlling illegal immigration is still its primary responsibility and new agents have to start their patrolling duty in the borders of the Southwest. The agents will have to patrol and safeguard the northern border with Canada, or the southern border with Mexica, and has to work along the coastal regions and inland waterways.

They will also have to safeguard the roadways in the borders and also monitor areas with high populations from hidden locations. These agents will also have to search for debris and other sign to ensure that no one has crossed the border. In areas that are heavily populated they will have to stop the vehicles and check thoroughly. They will also check highways, and check in trains, boats, and other modes of transportation to make sure that there are no illegal passengers.

Safeguard your Homeland

After the terrorist attack of 9/11, the border patrol agents were assigned the duty to protect the homeland as well. They have to monitor the various events and political developments to understand the potential threat of terrorist attacks. They need to detect any immediate attack and take measures to prevent them. Now they are given the right to stop and investigate boats, aircraft, or individuals who seem suspicious. To monitor and find threats, they can use surveillance cameras or low-light optical equipment. Agents should always be ready to face any threat.

Mitigate smuggling

Mitigate smuggling

Another major duty of a border patrol agent is to find and mitigate drugs and other smuggled items. Usually, they will be finding smuggled items while going on patrolling on land or water. These agents will also assist or participate in drug operations when they are informed about the possibility of smuggling activity. Even though they are known for controlling illegal migration and counter-terrorism operations, they also go for counter-drug traffic.

If you think that you are the right fit for this job, then gain the skills and knowledge to become a law enforcement officer.


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